Health update – Gallstones and hospital admissions Part 1

Hi Everyone,

Following on from my last update i ended up being admitted to hospital for 9 days so i thought i would update you all on what happened while I was there.


After going to A&E etc on the Friday I was ready to wait to have my MRI scan as an outpatient and just wait for the appointment to come in the post for this but then I started sicking up dark green bile on the Tuesday so I called 111 for advise. They advised me to see my GP within 12 hours so I called them and was told there was no appointment left for that day so would have to ring again in the morning. If I had done this it would have been more like 24 hours till I was seen so i decided to head up to A&E again!

I had my mum and Oliver with me to start with but I was sent through to have my bloods done and wait an age for the liver function test to come back so they left me to it. After hours of waiting it emerged that my liver function test was worse than it was on Friday and they thought I might have some stones stuck in my bile duct. Due to my blood test not being good they wanted to admit me.

My Admission to Hospital

So this started my 9 days in hospital! First of all I had my MRI scan which confirmed stones stuck in the bile duct. I was told I would need these removing via an ERCP procedure which involves a camera down the throat. I have had this done before so wasn’t too worried about it but they wouldn’t let me home until it had been done!

They only perform ERCP’s on a Wednesday at my local hospital so there was talk about sending me to another hospital to have it done as that hospital did it on a Monday, Wednesday and Friday but there was no certainty about this at this point.

I felt absolutely fine during my stay, I just had 1 episode when I didn’t feel good and it was the day I had my MRI scan done. I had to fast until my scan which wasn’t until late afternoon and I had to make do with whatever was left on the tea trolley due to not filling in a menu. This is due to the fact I was nil by mouth at the time they gave then tea time menus out! (I found this a little stupid) What I had was awful but I forced it down and paid the price even thinking about it now makes me feel sick!!

Moving to a different hospital

Anyway after days and days of only seeing my babies and hubby for about 30 minutes a day I was told on the Sunday night that I would be going to the other hospital that evening to have my ERCP done on Monday. I was happy that I wouldn’t have to stay in my hospital until the Wednesday and that I may be out of hospital on the Wednesday instead!

I am going to leave this installment here and carry it on it maybe 1 or 2 more posts as I don’t want to bore you!

Thank you for reading, Please look out for the next installment very soon.

Hannah xx




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  1. Oh wow you poor thing, I bet it was hard only seeing your other half and you little one for such a short time. I’d be glad to get out and see them too. Hope you are feeling better and look forward to reading the next instalment. Thanks for sharing at #familyfun

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