Testing a butter free biscuit recipe

I really felt like baking this morning but didn’t have any butter so I headed to Google to see what recipes I could find. I also wanted to try out my scales I picked up from Aldi which you can see in this weeks Aldi shopping haul video over on my channel

I came across this one that used oil instead of butter so I thought I would give it a go.

The ingredients are:

1) 150g of sugar 150g (I used caster sugar)

2) 2 tsp vanilla essence/extract

3) 227g of oil (I only used 180g as that’s all I had and it seemed a lot!)

4) 1/2 tsp salt

5) 2 eggs

6) 25g plain flour

The recipe seemed liked a lot of oil (I didn’t even add as much as it asked for as I ran out!) But the batter tasted ok so I put them in the oven. I didn’t understand the temperature on the website so I just went for 180c and cooked for around 15 minutes and this is how they turned out.

They taste ok but not as good as cookies made with butter and milk. The oil I used was almond and I also added some chocolate buttons and some galaxy hot chocolate mix.

I would definitely give these a go if you don’t have oil in and fancy a home baked biscuit but I would never make these over other recipes!

Do you have any easy biscuit or cakes recipes I could try? I would love to hear from you as I am a useless cook/baker!

Hannah x


4 comments on “Testing a butter free biscuit recipe

  1. Interesting read, I often end up having to substitute or leave out certain things when baking. I must admit, butter always makes everything taste better in my book but you just have to improvise sometimes! X #twinklytuesday

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